Meaning of mesothoracic in English:




See mesothorax

‘Females then actively collect pollen from the newly mature anthers and pack it into special structures on their mesothoracic sternites, while the wingless males tunnel back through the fig wall.’
  • ‘I removed both of the mesothoracic wings from the bodies of the females that had given or received significantly high rates of biting.’
  • ‘The postmating harm treatments used were ablation of a mesothoracic leg, ablation of an antenna, ablation of a wing, puncture of the abdomen, and puncture of the thorax.’
  • ‘The bithorax phenocopies show a transformation of metathoracic to mesothoracic segments, imitating the Ultrabithorax mutant phenotype.’
  • ‘Alternatively, the isoform might be required in dorsal mesothoracic cells.’