Meaning of mess-up in English:


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  • A muddled or mishandled situation.

    ‘a council mess-up over a hugely expensive contract’
    • ‘The former Mayor thinks the authority should feel very embarrassed about the mess-up.’
    • ‘We're all worried about our own mess-ups!’
    • ‘A spokesman said the bank had no comment to make on the latest mess-up to have gripped the bank in recent weeks.’
    • ‘I do not want to stand around in this Committee wasting time on this kind of mess-up again.’
    • ‘But now this whole mess-up leaves me with outstanding debts and a hungry family.’
    • ‘People have to understand that there are sometimes mess-ups.’
    • ‘When your friend is involved with a complete mess-up, it tells you more about your friend that the person they're involved with.’
    • ‘This has been a mess-up by the police.’
    • ‘A production mess-up means the song titles aren't listed.’
    • ‘Okay, once again there was a mess-up and a bit of a chapter was missing.’
    muddle, mess, tangle, jumble, entanglement, imbroglio