Meaning of mess up in English:

mess up

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phrasal verb

  • 1mess something up, mess up somethingMake something untidy or dirty.

    • ‘you've messed up my beautiful carpet’
    dirty, befoul, litter, besmirch, pollute
    1. 1.1Spoil something by inept handling.
      ‘an error like that could easily mess up an entire day's work’
      • ‘Jessica figured Michael knew his choreography like the back of his hand to ever mess it up too easily.’
      • ‘‘It's very stressful,’ Nieh says, ‘because if I mess it up, the magic is spoiled for the audience.’’
      • ‘He also said he had no problems staying on, but that some of his plans were messed up as a result.’
      • ‘And the thing is, her life is messed up forever and his life is messed up forever.’
      • ‘But the thing is, politics in Canada these days are messed up; most of the candidates simply don't deserve our votes, and the major parties certainly don't deserve our money.’
      • ‘He'd completely ransacked the room, the doors were open, the iron was off the wall, the bed was messed up and he'd used the toilet.’
      • ‘If you get nervous you just end up messing things up.’
      • ‘The minority are messing it up for the majority who are doing things correctly.’
      • ‘He has a lot of pride in his work and he doesn't need me messing it up.’
      • ‘Dennis guessed that if you knew whose house it was, maybe you'd feel worse about messing it up.’
      bungle, botch, fluff, fumble, make a mess of, mismanage, mishandle, misdirect, misgovern, misconduct, mar, spoil, ruin, mangle, wreck
  • 2 informal Mishandle a situation.

    • ‘I really messed up’
    • ‘It's an extremely messed up situation when one innocent man has to die to protect others.’
    • ‘It messes up your health, screws up your lungs and eats you away inside.’
    • ‘It just messes up an already messed up situation.’
    • ‘Which is ridiculous, we won that war in every way possible, its the after-war we're messing up.’
    • ‘Unfortunately policy makers hardly learn from the backlash of their own messing up with complicated social issues.’
    • ‘Plane by plane, city by city, the weather is really messing up the works when it comes to airline travel today.’
    • ‘Simply because were constantly messing up the board and starting over again.’
    • ‘If by any chance you land up messing up you need not get perturbed.’
    • ‘If it all begins with humans messing up, and causing an imperfect world it all ends with Jesus sorting it out, and causing a perfect one!’
    mismanage, mishandle, misdirect, misgovern, misconduct, bungle, botch, fluff, fumble, mess up, mar, spoil, ruin, wreck
  • 3mess someone up, mess up someone informal Cause someone emotional or psychological problems.

    • ‘it messed me up because I was too young to understand’
    1. 3.1US Inflict violence or injury on someone.
      • ‘the wreck messed him up so much that he can't walk’