Meaning of messenger bag in English:

messenger bag


  • A large bag with a long strap, worn across the body.

    ‘My school trunk had been put in the limo earlier along with my pink messenger bag.’
    • ‘Her grip tightened reflexively on the strap of her messenger bag.’
    • ‘Customers also suggested improvements to the messenger bags themselves.’
    • ‘I flew out the door, purple messenger bag in hand.’
    • ‘They both have messenger bags, by the way.’
    • ‘From his messenger bag he dug out a binder the size of the local Yellow Pages.’
    • ‘Most soft-sided messenger bags are also conservative enough for business meetings.’
    • ‘Hugging her messenger bag close, she plowed through the living traffic.’
    • ‘Messenger bags are some of the toughest bags on the planet.’
    • ‘The way to do this is not by pinning a button to your messenger bag.’
    • ‘It was a good thing his laptop was in his messenger bag, currently slung over his shoulder.’
    • ‘I crammed the boxes in my messenger bag.’
    • ‘Adrian shoved his notebook into his messenger bag.’
    • ‘My messenger bag was quite heavy with fresh produce by this point.’
    • ‘This messenger bag even has a detachable leather case just for your cell phone.’
    • ‘He pulled on a deep red shirt and loose black pants quickly and grabbed his black messenger bag.’
    • ‘Each doll also comes with an extra face plate, trendy fashions and a cool messenger bag.’
    • ‘I mean, I have one, this square sack on a shoulder-strap, kinda like a messenger bag.’
    • ‘Stanton is still smiling, but as she pulls a stack of paperwork out of her messenger bag, Andre realizes her offer is real.’
    • ‘Austin fumbled a little as he put the princess into his messenger bag.’