Meaning of messenger boy in English:

messenger boy


  • A boy or young man who is employed to carry messages.

    ‘I started off as a messenger boy for a fashion magazine’
    • ‘He was given a job as a messenger boy.’
    • ‘He became a telegraph messenger boy at the age of 14.’
    • ‘Though he says his job is to be the "messenger boy" it is much more important than that.’
    • ‘At the age of ten he had started working for the New South Wales postal services as a messenger boy.’
    • ‘At age 19, he began working as a messenger boy for British Gaumont.’
    • ‘Starting as a messenger boy, he worked his way up in an advertising agency before starting his own media agency.’
    • ‘His six-decade career saw him rise from messenger boy to chief executive of the newspaper group.’
    • ‘I'm just the messenger boy - I had no say in it at all.’
    • ‘He's just the messenger boy for the greedy corporate interests.’
    • ‘This was when shops employed messenger boys on bicycles.’
    • ‘At the height of the fighting, messenger boys could not be used simply because of the dangers involved.’