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Pronunciation /ˌmɛsɪˈanɪk/

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  • 1Relating to the Messiah.

    ‘the messianic role of Jesus’
    • ‘Even though healing was not the basis for claims about his messianic role or divine identity, the gospels' interpretation of his identity and power include frequent references to that activity.’
    • ‘After a visit to an isolated community of desert mystics, Jesus takes on a messianic role, which deepens after a transforming experience of temptation in the wilderness.’
    • ‘What Jesus did on the road to Emmaus, the early church had to do in order to be able to understand, on the basis of the Scriptures, how both death and resurrection were part of God's plan of messianic salvation.’
    • ‘In February 1992, Rabbi Shach, himself an eminent Rabbi, branded the Lubavitcher Rebbe as a heretic, who harboured messianic pretensions.’
    • ‘The very late rabbinic midrash on Lamentations in fact takes this text explicitly as a messianic prophecy.’
    • ‘The followers of Jesus also experience being called as participants into God's messianic mission to bring forth a new creation through a vulnerable mission of love.’
    • ‘He pointed to his wonderful deeds, which fulfilled the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament and were wrought by the power of God.’
    • ‘For one thing, there are prophecies about the messianic era in the Torah.’
    • ‘This claim is made not on an historical basis but on a theological one with the assertion of God's fatherhood and anointing for the messianic ruler of God's people.’
    • ‘Chanukah, in a very subtle manner, hints to the messianic era, when the light of Torah from Jerusalem will illuminate the world.’
    • ‘His best-known work is probably Jesus and the Victory of God, where he takes a more traditional view of Jesus' belief in a future kingdom of God and argues for his messianic self-understanding.’
    • ‘If we take into consideration the passages in I Enoch 46-47, it is clear that the Son of Man figure is depicted as a messianic human figure, resident in heaven and also a judge.’
    • ‘Jesus did not offer new or unique teachings, urge his followers to prepare for eternal life with God, or fulfill a messianic mission.’
    • ‘In his proclamation of the birth of the messianic child and its reign of peace without end, the prophet gave new hope to a deeply oppressed and depressed people.’
    • ‘The chief priests and scribes, however, are scandalized by the application of this messianic title to Jesus: ‘Do you hear what these are saying?’’
    • ‘This change was a dramatic demonstration of Christ's message: the messianic community cannot be contained by old patterns, or be defined by past rituals, no matter how treasured they are.’
    • ‘An eschatological messianic banquet is foretold there in which Jesus will sit once again with his disciples.’
    • ‘The messianic promise in Isaiah 11: 1-5 promises a king who will judge with righteousness and decide with equity for the meek of the earth.’
    • ‘In his visionary writings, the prophet Ezekiel describes a great battle on the eve of the messianic era, when the all forces of evil in the world combine themselves into a great army called by the name Gog and Magog.’
    • ‘If so, also this theme in Jesus' messianic self-understanding has had an impact on the public life of society and the state, not least during the past thirty years in Latin America.’
    1. 1.1Inspired by hope or belief in a messiah.
      ‘the messianic expectations of that time’
      • ‘Hellenization, the Maccabean revolt, Hasmonean rule, the rise of the Pharisees, the Qumran sect, the messianic hope of a coming Davidic King, the rule of Herod, and more are covered.’
      • ‘Not only did the Israelites claim that the world we know is not the world that God intended, but they also expressed their hope in a messianic age in which God's original intention would be realized.’
      • ‘These messianic beliefs in turn led them to start a religion-driven settlement of the whole Promised Land in the Occupied Territories.’
      • ‘Talk of the moshiach increased and the fact that the Rebbe cold not talk did nothing to detract Lubavitchers from the messianic belief.’
      • ‘In accordance with Melton's theory, the messianic belief underwent a process of spiritualization.’
      • ‘While this messianic hope exceeded all of life's experiential limits, it was conceived during the time of the Babylonian exile, at Israel's ‘ground zero.’’
      • ‘That is to say, Gentiles were incorporated into the children of Israel by being incorporated into Christ, the Jew, who is the fulfillment of Israel's messianic hope.’
      • ‘Or perhaps some of the actions and teachings of Jesus aroused strong messianic hopes, but Jesus himself deliberately avoided making an overt claim to be the Messiah.’
      • ‘All is well, for despite being on the wrong animal, he is surrounded by followers full of messianic hopes.’
      • ‘Defining Judaism in terms of messianic expectation is defining it from a Christian rather than a Jewish perspective.’
      • ‘I don't have any messianic beliefs that I could have stopped it or other people could have stopped it, but I sure would have like to have tried.’
      • ‘It's a new, determined, almost messianic belief that the technology that caused all this trouble is what's going to save them now.’
      • ‘Sebastianismo is a messianic belief in the return of King Sebastian, who died in Morocco in 1578 or 1579.’
      • ‘The difference between these two novellas is the difference between aestheticist despair and messianic hope.’
      • ‘At a time when the continent is still considered a lost cause, they had every reason to welcome the president's messianic message of hope.’
      • ‘The belief in the coming of the messianic era belongs to that latter kind of hope.’
      • ‘But the memories of kingship could not die, and so gave birth to messianic hope.’
      • ‘Everyone expressed a feeling that they must continue, and hope and pray for the messianic arrival and redemption.’
  • 2Fervent or passionate.

    ‘an admirable messianic zeal’
    • ‘From him descended in the subsequent centuries serious intellectuals, hard men ready to commit violence, messianic figures whose zeal seems most foreign to twenty-first-century realities.’
    • ‘The defence secretary, whose department was, for reasons which still seem unfathomable, allowed to run what counted for peace as well as the war, lacked this messianic zeal.’
    • ‘He was said to have been messianic in his zeal to make vaccinations mandatory because of his alleged stockpile of smallpox that, needless to say, never turned up.’
    • ‘There can be no doubt from the tone set by Brian on Thursday at the bank's O'Connell Street branch that the group has gone for wooing customers with messianic zeal.’
    • ‘While Wilson rightly championed liberty, he refused to ground his messianic zeal in American self-interest.’
    • ‘The electronic keyboards have almost wiped it out of existence, but a Bangalore trio has been propagating it with messianic zeal.’
    • ‘Yet I feel pretty sure that recreating the messianic zeal about Early Intervention that I felt that day in Granton would do nothing but good.’
    • ‘Like most of her online posse, Shera speaks of the group with messianic zeal, refusing to pose for any of their many imitators.’
    • ‘And for all the likely travails that the next month will bring, Brown talks with the messianic zeal of a man on a mission.’
    • ‘She was a Brownie Scout troop leader of almost messianic zeal.’
    • ‘This messianic zeal on the part of Gibreel comes to a sad and realistic end when he finds himself back at Alleluia Cone's door.’
    • ‘He, however, is determined to go forward, blinded by his messianic militarism and his passion to feed and grow the military-industrial complex while in office.’
    • ‘This labouring together month upon month may lend testimony to the ethos of messianic intensity (albeit inverted backwards) oozing from ‘Taming of the Wasps’.’
    • ‘In fact, the administration has a messianic commitment to destabilizing the area, under the rubric of ‘democratization.’’
    • ‘In handling the crisis, then, a justifiable prudential strategy was, by March, overtaken and overwhelmed by this paradigm, underpinned by a commitment that became increasingly messianic.’
    • ‘A blond-haired Adonis with piercing blue eyes, his intense, neurotic messianic Lawrence is always the performance by which he will be most readily remembered.’
    • ‘The rain of fiery stones. balls of messianic fire.’
    • ‘This might be true, but not in countries led by terrorists or fanatics possessed by messianic visions or that have no political or strategic discipline.’
    • ‘The messianic idea animated Jewish resistance to Roman occupation and sustained the Jews for centuries in the diaspora.’
    • ‘There was also a disconcertingly messianic intensity to his eyes.’
    passionate, impassioned, ardent, earnest, fervent, fervid, hot-blooded, zealous, vehement, fiery, heated, feverish, emotional, heartfelt, eager, keen, enthusiastic, excited, animated, spirited, vigorous, strong, energetic, messianic, fanatical, committed


Late 18th century via German messianisch from Latin Messianus, from Messias (see messiah).