Meaning of metallurgical in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɛtəˈləːdʒɪkl/

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See metallurgy

‘Although the powder metallurgy branch of the metallurgical industry is limited, utilization of titanium metal powders from scrap some day may render this field important to the titanium industry.’
  • ‘Therefore, the basic scope of the metallurgical processing of cast iron is to manipulate the type, amount, and morphology of the eutectic in order to achieve the desired mechanical properties.’
  • ‘The main arguments for a date sometime after the mid-nineteenth century are those relating to electro-gilding, blow torch brazing and the metallurgical analyses.’
  • ‘The grinding machine has no heat-affected zone, and operates without creating work hardening, a recast layer, or metallurgical damage.’
  • ‘The metallurgical characteristics of various compositions of tool steels are extremely complex.’