Meaning of metalware in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛtlwɛː/


mass nounalso metalwares
  • Utensils or other articles made of metal.

    ‘our shop specializes in antique metalware’
    • ‘Military supplies, silks, porcelain, produce, tax silver, metalware, medicinal herbs, tribute goods, and all manner of merchandise poured into the capital from neighboring counties, distant provinces, and beyond the seas.’
    • ‘The metalware, ceramics, glassware, and carpets he depicted were highly prized and costly, and to add them to a painting endowed it with greater value through their physical presence.’
    • ‘The project has been recreating both the fabric of the building and things from his home, including furniture, textiles, glass, and metalware, using only medieval materials, tools, and techniques.’
    • ‘Different varieties of metalware have been feasted, including crosses from Niger and Ethiopia and weapons from Gabon.’
    • ‘Other common metalware found in the home also requires regular cleaning and likewise has specific cleaning needs.’
    • ‘Our other great foible was hunting down British metalware imported into Morocco at the turn of the century.’
    • ‘There will also be antique glass, china, furniture and metalware on display.’
    • ‘In both pattern books and extant artifacts, quilted feathers resemble the gadrooned edgings of seventeenth-and eighteenth-century furniture and fine metalwares.’
    • ‘The influence of Japanese metalwares is also evident in the use by American art brass firms of mixtures of plated and textured brass.’
    • ‘This vast complex brought together seven hundred workmen in the organized production of various lines of metalwares.’
    • ‘That city had long manufactured small metalwares in both iron and brass.’
    • ‘Some rural African peoples worked primarily as sheep, cattle, and poultry raisers, and African artisans maintained a steady trade in clothing, baskets, pottery, and metalware, but farming was a way of life for most Africans.’
    • ‘His left hand supports a fluted tray with offerings of fruit and cakes near shoulder level, and his right hand holds a pitcher carved with crisp flutes that suggest metalware.’
    • ‘Occasional reliance on people outside the household who produced and repaired metalware and sold staples such as salt and lime linked relatively self-sufficient households to the developing market economy.’
    • ‘The manorial village was never completely self-sufficient because salt, millstones or perhaps metalware were not available and had to be obtained from outside sources.’
    • ‘In general, Islamic metalware commanded high prices, and in Florence during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries it was on occasion even more highly prized than Chinese porcelain.’
    • ‘This transition is evident in a previously unpublished set of ten watercolors of about 1800 by an unknown designer of artistic metalware in Paris.’
    • ‘Benson was the first to solve the problem of design in metal in the modern spirit when he created the lamps that were later to have a revolutionary effect on all our metalware.’
    • ‘The exhibition anticipates the museum's new gallery of domestic metalware.’
    • ‘The opportunity to redisplay the domestic metalware collections in London's Victoria and Albert Museum has led to a reassessment of the museum's historical lighting equipment.’