Meaning of metamaterial in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛtəməˌtɪərɪəl/


  • A synthetic composite material with a structure such that it exhibits properties not usually found in natural materials, especially a negative refractive index.

    ‘the team began making these metamaterials and demonstrated several that scattered electromagnetic waves unlike any known materials’
    • ‘The team used two different wedge samples so that waves would be incident on the metamaterial at two different angles.’
    • ‘Left-handed materials - such as this "metamaterial" for microwaves - are reported to bend light in the opposite direction from normal materials, a property that might lead to a "perfect" lens.’
    • ‘But the negative-index metamaterials that have been demonstrated are far more dispersive than typical materials.’
    • ‘Such a small index does not mean the speed of light exceeds that of a vacuum: this rule of thumb breaks down in metamaterials.’
    • ‘So far researchers have only developed metamaterials that divert radar and microwaves - rather than light waves, which are the key to invisibility.’