Meaning of metaphysic in English:


Pronunciation /mɛtəˈfɪzɪk/


  • A system of metaphysics.

    ‘Kierkegaard wished to demonstrate that the Hegelian metaphysic, considered on its own and judged in terms of its declared ambition to afford a comprehensive account of reality, was in point of fact flawed, and irreparably so.’
    • ‘There are natural alliances between Entity Realism and metaphysical atomism, and between Structural Realism and the Great-Field metaphysic.’
    • ‘A metaphysic of reason, a new set of universals, blocked the path.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, he still wanted to support it with an idealist metaphysic and a positivist ethic.’
    • ‘A pre-packaged metaphysic - you don't need to know how it works just as long as it does.’
    • ‘I don't think we want to try to impose on this realm a single metaphysic which presumes to have an answer for all things in all times and for all people.’
    • ‘The bread of banishment, the consciousness of human pain, extension, time, numbers are the steps by which this poetry endeavors to ascend to a transcendental metaphysic.’
    • ‘Plotinus and Porphyry had worked with such a scheme, with their metaphysic of the One, Mind, and the World-Soul.’
    • ‘Life itself is the adversary; the vagaries of history and politics are subsumed by the brute metaphysic of the real.’
    • ‘Similarly, her philosophical colleagues love the neuroscience but think she could do something more ambitious with the philosophical development of her foundational metaphysic.’
    • ‘This metaphysic of creation redolent of Eric Mascall's ‘openness of being’ imparts or responds to a literal truth in his phrases ‘the grammar of existence, the syntax of the real’.’
    • ‘The main way out of this is found in the work of dramatists like Eugene Ionesco and Samuel Beckett, who can enact the metaphysic of drama without providing a theory for its interpretation.’
    • ‘There is a possible metaphysic that suggests that a thing's representations are not secondary and inferior to it but are constitutive of that thing.’
    • ‘From this elementary iconography may be derived the whole metaphysic of sexual differences - man aspires; woman has no other function but to exist, waiting.’
    • ‘Newton's mechanical physics invited the Enlightenment metaphysic of the remote Watchmaker God who just wound up the universe and let it go.’
    • ‘Both men began to seek their separate truths in religious experience, in search of a metaphysic with millennia behind it.’
    • ‘Thus, a new metaphysic of nature as an external factor is created.’
    • ‘Such a metaphysic does not affirm the existence and importance of the world and human life in the way that the creation stories and the incarnation do.’
    • ‘In other words, what do you guys think about a metaphysic that, rather than imposing or asserting my will, seeks to attune it to a larger pattern?’
    • ‘Einstein heralds the end of the era of Newtonian physics, whose concomitant working metaphysic was materialism.’