Meaning of metastasis in English:


Pronunciation /mɪˈtastəsɪs/

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mass noun
  • 1Medicine
    The development of secondary malignant growths at a distance from a primary site of cancer.

    ‘an increased risk of metastasis’
    • ‘Six years later, a fine-needle aspirate of a cervical vertebra showed malignant cells consistent with metastasis from a primary lung carcinoma.’
    • ‘Patients with a diagnosis of granular cell tumor should have a complete physical examination to exclude other primary tumors or metastasis from an aggressive malignant tumor.’
    • ‘Preoperatively, radiation is delivered to decrease the risk of local recurrence, prevent the development of distant metastasis and reduce tumor size to permit sphincter-preserving surgery.’
    • ‘A malignant neoplasm in the neck can arise as a primary tumor or as metastasis from the upper aerodigestive tract or a distant site.’
    • ‘Breast tumors may also be the result of metastasis from primary prostate cancer.’
    malignant growth, cancerous growth, malignant tumour, tumour, malignancy, met
    1. 1.1count noun A metastatic growth.
      ‘the patient developed pleural and liver metastases’
      • ‘These findings were thought to be consistent with carcinoid tumor with metastases to the liver.’
      • ‘Patients with certain rare tumours, such as liver metastases from neuroendocrine disease and sarcomas, can do well for several years.’
      • ‘We report a case in which cutaneous metastases from a melanoma imitated herpes zoster.’
      • ‘Most centres in the United Kingdom recommend computed tomography of the chest to pick up synchronous early lung tumours or metastases.’
      • ‘Five cases represented metastases from cutaneous squamous carcinomas.’
      • ‘With the exception of liver metastases of colorectal cancer, tumour deposits are almost always multiple and seldom amenable to resection.’
      • ‘One must exclude metastases from carcinoids of more typical sites of origin.’
      • ‘In contrast, liver metastases are much more common.’
      • ‘Interestingly, contrast enhanced computed tomography identified liver metastases in only three of the 17 patients.’
      • ‘Brain metastases occasionally produce psychological symptoms before metastatic disease is discovered.’
      • ‘Oxaliplatin will be given only to patients who have liver metastases that may be shrunk to operable size.’
      • ‘The liver is one of the most common sites for metastases from carcinoma.’
      • ‘Lung metastases in the absence of liver metastases are usually explained by this mechanism.’
      • ‘Ocular melanoma metastatic to other sites generally occurs in association with liver metastases.’
      • ‘It is essential to confirm the diagnosis and determine whether cervical lymph nodes are involved or there are other primary tumours or metastases.’
      • ‘Computed tomography of the abdomen and lung immediately before her death showed liver and lung metastases.’
      • ‘Laparoscopy is used to examine the parietal peritoneum, liver, and other metastases of the viscera.’
      • ‘Liver metastases frequently present with multiple hepatic lesions on diagnosis.’
      • ‘These tumors tend to have lymph node metastases as seen in papillary carcinoma rather than hematogenous spread.’
      • ‘The case of Paget disease with ductal carcinoma in situ had no nodal metastases.’


Late 16th century (as a rhetorical term, meaning ‘rapid transition from one point to another’): from Greek, literally ‘removal or change’, from methistanai ‘to change’.