Meaning of meteorite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmiːtɪərʌɪt/

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  • A piece of rock or metal that has fallen to the earth's surface from outer space as a meteor. Over 90 per cent of meteorites are of rock while the remainder consist wholly or partly of iron and nickel.

    ‘It has been identified in carbonaceous achondrite and iron meteorites.’
    • ‘Grouped with iron meteorites, these are pieces from the cores of fledgling planets destroyed by collisions when the Solar System formed.’
    • ‘They are very similar in composition to the carbonaceous chondrite meteorites that sometimes fall on Earth.’
    • ‘Other Moon rocks brought back by the Apollo astronauts have helped in understanding the lunar meteorites found on Earth.’
    • ‘Other sources of high iridium concentrations are extraterrestrial objects, such as meteorites or comets.’
    • ‘Meteorites contain platinum and meteorites have been landing on earth for billions of years already.’
    • ‘Small impactors deliver meteorites, while large ones infrequently wreak global devastation.’
    • ‘That is how fragments of the asteroid belt can end up crashing into Earth as meteorites.’
    • ‘The Martian meteorite crashes through the Earth's atmosphere - a blazing fireball.’
    • ‘On display are minerals, fossils, meteorites, and some rocks, most of which are of reference quality.’
    • ‘It is brought to us by such solar system visitors as meteorites, which burn up or fragment and drift as fine particles through the atmosphere.’
    • ‘One possible source of such untainted data are Earth's lunar meteorites.’
    • ‘About 1.8 billion years ago, a meteorite or comet the size of Mount Everest slammed into what is now Canada.’
    • ‘As the newly launched Sputnik satellite orbits earth, a strange meteorite approaches the planet.’
    • ‘A good case has already been made for bacteria microfossils in a Martian meteorite.’
    • ‘It is possible that something may have been at the end of this, a piece of rock, a meteorite.’
    • ‘The most recent major extinction occurred 65 million years ago when a meteorite crashed into Earth, leading to the demise of the dinosaurs.’
    • ‘The age of the carbonates can be clearly determined, and some very old ones had been found on certain asteroids and meteorites.’
    • ‘When meteorites hit nearby worlds, they kick up bits of rock, some of which might have enough speed to escape from their planet entirely.’
    • ‘A safe containing moon rocks and meteorites was stolen from the Johnson Space Center in Houston on July 15.’