Meaning of meter reader in English:

meter reader


  • A person who inspects and records the figure indicated on a gas, electricity, or water meter.

    ‘customers need not leave gates unlocked for the meter readers’
    • ‘The meter reader came yesterday and the dog barked for two hours straight.’
    • ‘He had a job as a meter reader for the water company.’
    • ‘The meter reader poked a brief note through my letterbox asking me to ring up to make an appointment.’
    • ‘When he queried the bill again a meter reader was sent - who said the new meter needed replacing.’
    • ‘He worked as an electricity meter reader.’
    • ‘They sent a meter reader round earlier this week, while I was at work, without telling me.’
    • ‘Neither of us could be home during the week to let the meter reader in.’
    • ‘The project involves gas and electricity meters being read without the need for a visit from the meter reader.’
    • ‘Meters are visually inspected for faults, such as wiring problems, during routine visits by meter readers and engineers.’
    • ‘The contract covers electricians, meter readers and power plant workers.’
    • ‘Official meter readers will verify on-line readings submitted by residents before any bills are sent out.’
    • ‘All employees, including meter readers, had to carry their company identification cards with them during working hours.’