Meaning of meter reading in English:

meter reading


  • 1A figure or amount shown by a meter.

    ‘customers are advised to take a meter reading to check against the final bill’
    • ‘I immediately rang back and got a young man who asked for the gas meter reading.’
    • ‘That's the best peak flow meter reading your child has ever gotten.’
    • ‘The amount of solar power output is measured, and at the end of each year each member sends his or her meter reading to the co-op.’
    • ‘Take a meter reading of your subject using your manual exposure mode.’
    • ‘I hung back a little to take some pictures but I couldn't get a decent light meter reading.’
    • ‘This you place beside the subject and take a meter reading from it.’
    • ‘I mentally estimated the taxi meter reading.’
    • ‘Note the reproducer level meter reading as you make the recording.’
    • ‘After an hour take another meter reading.’
    • ‘It's important to check the meter reading when you move in.’
    • ‘Hello, I'd like to give you the meter readings for the property I've just moved into.’
    1. 1.1An act of inspecting and recording the figure or amount shown by a meter.
      ‘frequent meter readings provided information about energy use’
      • ‘automated meter reading is no longer just a time-saving device’
      • ‘The company's current arrangements for meter reading are not affected by this announcement.’
      • ‘"For the time being at least the cost of technology remains too high, since the cost per meter reading is extremely low," he said.’
      • ‘Water, gas, and power meter reading is still labor intensive.’
      • ‘I suggest the City implement a reliable system of electricity meter reading.’
      • ‘Other features of the automation plan include distribution management, energy management and automatic meter reading (AMR).’
      • ‘He was studying automatic meter reading systems.’
      • ‘The new Internet site also provides a range of 'virtual' services for domestic customers including meter reading, signing up for dual fuel and switching to green electricity.’
      • ‘He said meter readings were hampered by households which were not accessible to council employees.’
      • ‘The survey found that there were large differences in prices imposed by local authorities for charges such as water meter readings and rental.’
      • ‘The company gave him information obtained as a result of manual meter readings.’
      • ‘They contract the work out to meter reading companies who employ their own staff for the job.’