Meaning of methacrylic acid in English:

methacrylic acid

Pronunciation /ˌmɛθəˌkrɪlɪk ˈasɪd/


mass nounChemistry
  • A colourless, low-melting solid which polymerizes when distilled and is used in the manufacture of synthetic resins.

    Chemical formula: CH₂C(CH₃)COOH

    ‘Different functionality may be introduced by using comonomers such as methacrylic acid (carboxylic acid groups) or hydroxy ethyl acrylate (hydroxyl groups).’
    • ‘Cysteine is known to react chemically with methacrylic acid to give S - 2-carboxypropyl cysteine, so providing a route to the alkyl groups in ACSO, PeCSO, and PCSO.’
    • ‘The release data shows that, as the concentration of methacrylic acid was increased, swelling increased resulting in increased release of the drug.’
    • ‘Copolymers of phenyl methacrylate and methacrylic acid have been investigated as dry-etching durable positive electron resists. MAC's are preheated above 170°C to crosslink the polymers by intermolecular acid anhydride bonds.’