Meaning of methaemoglobinaemia in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • The presence of methaemoglobin in the blood.

    ‘A defining visual characteristic of methemoglobinemia is chocolate-brown arterial blood.’
    • ‘Although adults can tolerate high levels reasonably well, nitrates can be very dangerous for infants, reducing their blood's ability to carry oxygen and causing methemoglobinemia, or blue-baby syndrome.’
    • ‘She also subsequently developed acute renal failure, sepsis with fevers, methemoglobinemia, and gastrointestinal bleeding.’
    • ‘Emla has been associated with occasional adverse reactions, including blanching and redness at the application site. Perhaps the most serious complication is methemoglobinemia.’
    • ‘Aniline induces methaemoglobinaemia, with consequent increase in the level of free iron, which in turn leads to damage to the spleen.’



/ˌmɛθiːməˌɡləʊbɪˈniːmɪə/ /mɛtˌhiːməˌɡləʊbɪˈniːmɪə/