Meaning of metheglin in English:



mass noun historical
  • A spiced or medicated variety of mead, associated particularly with Wales.

    ‘Or you can leave it out all together, and simply let the metheglin mature a year longer.’
    • ‘The difference is that mead is fermented honey and water, while metheglin usually means mead infused heavily with herbs.’
    • ‘My acquaintance never ran out of metheglin, which was mixed when he harvested his honey, and he never failed to offer me a swig or two.’
    • ‘References to metheglin appear in Love's Labour's Lost and The Merry Wives of Windsor.’
    • ‘Our other metheglin is a ‘bottled moment of summer’ - it is fermented with hand-picked honeysuckle blossoms and the result is a subtle floweriness on the tongue, which marries with the delicate honey flavors.’



/mɪˈθɛɡlɪn/ /ˈmɛθəɡlɪn/


Mid 16th century from Welsh meddyglyn, from meddyg ‘medicinal’ (from Latin medicus) + llyn ‘liquor’.