Meaning of methyl cyanide in English:

methyl cyanide


another term for acetonitrile
‘Less obvious and more tentative identifications include methyl cyanide, sulfur dioxide, acetylene.’
  • ‘This gives rise to compounds such as methyl cyanide.’
  • ‘The motivation to observe methyl cyanide is due to the fact that it is an abundant symmetric top molecule which is a good temperature tracer.’
  • ‘But once frigid clouds of dust and gas begin to condense, methyl cyanide begins to dominate hydrogen cyanide in the center of the cloud where sun-like stars and planets will form.’
  • ‘In a small round-bottomed flask mix 3 cc. of water and 6 cc. of concentrated sulphuric acid; cool the mixture and add 5 grams of methyl cyanide.’