Meaning of methylene in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛθɪliːn/


as modifier
  • Of or denoting the divalent radical or group —CH₂—, derived from methane by loss of two hydrogen atoms.

    ‘methylene chloride’
    • ‘Your body changes some inhaled methylene chloride to carbon monoxide.’
    • ‘The formation of conjugated dienes occurs when free radicals attack the hydrogens of methylene groups separating double bonds and leading to a rearrangement of the bonds.’
    • ‘Paint and other materials that are not soluble in degreasing solvents may require the use of methylene chloride, alkaline cleaners, or special proprietary compounds.’
    • ‘These techniques include dry abrasive blasting and on-site use of methylene chloride or propane torches.’
    • ‘There are roughly two categories of products available; those containing methylene chloride, and those that don't.’


Mid 19th century from French méthylène (formed irregularly from Greek methu ‘wine’ + hulē ‘wood’) + -ene.