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  • 1A profession or occupation.

    ‘the boy must begin to learn his métier as heir to the throne’
    • ‘I also seem to have a perpetual mild toothache, ever since my new dentist, a Romanian who obviously learned her métier under the Ceausescu regime, attempted to fill a molar as if she were loading a mortar.’
    • ‘In his mercy and kindness he frequently does so, and frequently he gives me the grace to repent of the sins I have committed, but this is not his job, his métier.’
    • ‘Fortunately for him, his falling-out with Little Miss Drip coincided with the start of a week spent being an apprentice farrier - in effect, trying his chosen métier on for size to see if he actually likes it.’
    • ‘But having been sacked from field command and kicked upstairs to the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Army, he found his true métier as an administrator and reformer.’
    • ‘Her approach to the métier was unorthodox - she and two female associates ran a brothel co-operative in an apartment on St-Urbain.’
    • ‘The latter, Minière should know a bit about - he studied film in Brussels for four years before settling on music as his métier.’
    • ‘Above all, war is rejuvenating, and journalism is the only métier in which you can remain an eternal adolescent - if you survive.’
    • ‘With his mentor gone, Louis XV was finally, at the age of 32, obliged to quit the shadows and assume his métier of king.’
    • ‘Their devotion to their métier, no matter how laborious and tedious it may seem at times, is touching.’
    • ‘Born in a family that has been into weaving for the last 75 years, Govardhan's métier is telia rumaal, a textile craft that earlier involved vegetable dye.’
    • ‘But, you know, it's also a superficial, ephemeral métier, suitable only for a marginalised freak - although I find it hard to imagine why everyone does not clamour to become a window dresser.’
    • ‘And it lives in the designs of Issey Miyake, the playful visionary whose métier is making clothes.’
    occupation, job, day job, work, profession, specialism, business, employment, employ, career, calling, vocation, mission, trade, craft, walk of life, line, line of work, field, province, area
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    1. 1.1An occupation or activity that one is good at.
      ‘television is rather more my métier’
      • ‘However, the piano trio is his real métier and as he approaches his 80th year, and in spite of a stroke in 1993, he does not rest on his laurels.’
      • ‘We might have expected her to have excelled at fashion photography - as she did - but her real métier was the battlefield.’
      • ‘It is good knockabout stuff, underpinned by necessary news values and bearing the unmistakable stamp of McKenzie, who seems to have found a métier again after a rather desultory time at Sky.’
      • ‘But his natural métier was disappointed romance and unfulfilled yearnings.’
      • ‘He's a sensational actor - I'm desperate to see him do some stage work, but I think that he feels film is his true métier.’
      • ‘After four straight flops, he followed a more commercial route, and found that his métier was thrillers.’
      • ‘The details were rather confused; as I'm sure you know, linear narrative is not Cordelia's métier.’
      • ‘But then, subtlety is not Ganguly's métier; nor does it have much to do with the hostility that he has had to face so often from Indian cricket fans.’
      • ‘Lewis found his métier in the new popularity of the film noir.’
      • ‘Paired articles explore a particular text or question through the perspectives of scholars with differing métiers.’
      • ‘His active naval career had been more profitable than distinguished, but he found his métier in the comptrollership, held until 1790 in weekly communication with Pitt and in combination with his parliamentary seat at Rochester.’
      • ‘Even during these student days - it is often suggested that a key event was a performance of Verdi's Aida in Florence in 1876 - Puccini had determined that opera was his true métier.’
      • ‘After serving in minor diplomatic posts, he had settled down to run his ancestral estate until he deputized for the local parliamentary delegate in Berlin, where he discovered his true métier.’
      • ‘It was only then that her true métier became clear.’
      • ‘Did Basu want to use stream of consciousness as her literary métier?’
      • ‘Irresponsibility was his métier, and when he tries to get serious he gets boring instead.’
      • ‘Poster is a distinguished academic and poet but on this evidence the novel is unmistakably his métier.’
      • ‘What's more, this is Walter's métier: a greater intellectual construct, more and more powerful people, ever-more complex systems of rationalizations.’
      forte, strong point, strength, long suit, strong suit, speciality, talent, skill, gift, bent
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    2. 1.2An outstanding or advantageous characteristic.
      ‘subtlety is not his métier’
      • ‘Indeed, what drives virtually every one of his works, whatever their particular métier, is the complexity of their harmonic and rhythmic vocabulary.’
      • ‘Doubts are her metier; oblique vantage points are her preferred location from which to survey the human landscape.’
      • ‘Ambiguity is her metier.’
      • ‘Relaxed good-humour is her metier.’
      • ‘She looks to be in terrific shape, but self-deprecation is her metier.’
      • ‘She is transfixed by possibility: Wonder is her metier.’
      • ‘Discretion was not her metier.’
      • ‘Self-absorption is not his metier.’
      • ‘He didn't follow conventions, he took risks and created his own, making restlessness his metier.’
      • ‘He made uncertainty his metier.’



/ˈmeɪtɪeɪ/ /ˈmɛtɪeɪ/


Late 18th century French, based on Latin ministerium ‘service’.