Significado de Metis en en inglés


Pronunciación /meɪˈtiːs/


  • (especially in western Canada) a person of mixed indigenous and Euro-American ancestry, in particular one of a group of such people who in the 19th century constituted the so-called Metis nation in the areas around the Red and Saskatchewan rivers.

    ‘He said the decision firmly recognized both Metis hunting rights and the ‘existence of the Metis as a people in this province.’’
    • ‘As one of the three constitutionally recognized Aboriginal peoples in Canada, the Metis have the protection of section 35, which recognizes and affirms the Aboriginal rights of the Aboriginal people of Canada.’
    • ‘British Canadians in Manitoba felt threatened by large populations of French Canadians and Metis, who continued to oppose British domination and refused to be assimilated.’
    • ‘I would also like to know how well acquainted he was with the Metis of western Canadathe people, their clothing, and their culture?’
    • ‘After Healy's release, commanders ordered additional Fort Assinniboine soldiers to drive out all Canadian Indians and Metis.’
    • ‘They also say the action could rewrite the relationship between non-status Indians, the Metis, the provinces and the federal government.’
    • ‘The assembly doesn't officially represent Metis or Indians who aren't registered under federal legislation.’
    • ‘The Metis, who were part French Canadian and part native, feared that the encroachment of other settlers would mean the loss of their freedom and identity.’
    • ‘The Ontario government, backed by other provincial governments, argued against the lower court rulings, saying the Metis existed as a community only after European settlers arrived in Canada.’
    • ‘The Metis descended from the intermarriage of Europeans with indigenous peoples and they possess elements of both cultures.’
    • ‘The issue facing us as Metis now is: Do we want to be responsible and set up a structure for ourselves or have a free for all?’
    • ‘Riel also secured the consent of Colonel Black, the commanding officer at Fort Assinniboine, to allow the Metis to overwinter at the Big Bend of the Milk River.’
    • ‘The mining sector, which is greatly affected by land claims and proposed settlements, elected a Metis as the alternate delegate to the Morice Land Resource Management Plan - me.’
    • ‘She believes that her early experiences with discrimination as a Metis helped prepare her for work as a counselor, working with both Native and non-Native people.’
    • ‘Missionaries, interpreters, and soldiers all played a role, while north of the border there also existed a potentially intermediary community, the Metis.’
    • ‘Disappointed, the Metis asked Louis Riel for his help.’
    • ‘The Metis claim all but the northernmost reaches of Labrador, but their claim has never been accepted by the federal or provincial governments.’
    • ‘The Assembly of First Nations does not represent Metis, non-status or Inuit people.’
    • ‘They fear Ottawa may be trying to blur the distinct needs facing First Nations, Inuit and Metis in favour of cheaper, one-size-fits-all solutions.’
    • ‘During the years he had spent with Russell he had come to know the history of Canada's Metis, and DeMille would never depend on the artist more than he did when making this film-except in one vital respect.’


  • Relating to the Metis.

    ‘Army patrols scouted the Milk River country throughout the winter, occasionally encountering Cree and Metis parties, although at the same time, scouting parties also rode out but could find no trace of foreign Indians.’
    • ‘While a Canadian organization is consulting with Saskatchewan First Nations and Metis groups on the disposal of nuclear waste in the province, the head of a Saskatoon-based uranium company says the issue is clear.’
    • ‘Barry's a member of the Saulteaux and Metis nations of Manitoba.’
    • ‘Keith Henry, executive director of the Métis Provincial Council of British Columbia, said that the ruling was a triumph also because of the amount of governmental opposition to Metis rights.’
    • ‘Cross Lake is a Native and Metis community of approximately 5000 residents located about 500 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.’
    • ‘When the Canadian government acquired western lands from the Hudson's Bay Company in 1869, Louis Riel led a group of Metis settlers in protest.’
    • ‘Touring the show through Albertan junior high schools, he's found that it's difficult to identify the schools with the highest concentration of Metis youth.’
    • ‘The 67-year-old Metis businessman has made a career of finding a niche, setting a goal and filling a need or want.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, those looking for anything new on the Metis will have to look elsewhere because the works she cites on Metis history are dated.’
    • ‘Combined with demonstrations on the different aspects of Metis culture like hunting and trapping, it added up to a busy and interesting weekend.’
    • ‘Member of the Metis Nation, an aboriginal culture of mixed French and North American Indians that does special community work for children from eight Metis settlements in Alberta.’
    • ‘While the case involved Metis in Ontario, the ruling was considered a precedent for the entire Metis population in Canada.’
    • ‘Ms. Menard is an interesting artist who hails from the Metis tribe in Canada and performs on stage and writes her own material.’
    • ‘Goodon is reflecting an aspect of Metis culture by using parts of the animals most people have no use for, Chartrand said.’
    • ‘I knew that my path is helping young people - not just Metis youth, but all youth who are having a rough time.’
    • ‘The highest court in the land has affirmed the rights of Metis people in regards to hunting and fishing.’
    • ‘At the service, a Metis fiddle lament, an Inuit throat song and a First Nations honor dance added unique touches to the traditional wreath laying and playing of the Last Post.’
    • ‘A team, comprised of a settlement nurse as the primary health care coordinator and a community health representative facilitated the coordination and delivery of non-emergent health services on the Metis settlements.’
    • ‘It tells the story of an era-the time when Canada was founded, the search was on for the Northwest Passage, and the race for the North Pole began in earnest, and the time of the Metis rebellion and the Klondike gold rush.’
    • ‘A must-see for its importance in Manitoba history is Riel House, the family home of the famous Metis leader and found of Manitoba, Louis Riel.’


From French métis, from Latin mixtus ‘mixed’ (see also mestizo).