Meaning of metro in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛtrəʊ/

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nounplural noun metros

  • 1An underground railway system in a city, especially Paris.

    ‘A good example of this is the map of an underground railway system or metro.’
    • ‘Neville said Data Display had other major contracts with the Paris metro, the London underground, and rail systems in Lisbon, Stockholm and Amsterdam.’
    • ‘In the city, getting around is relatively easy with the metro and tram system.’
    • ‘Right from the day we struck upon the idea, we wanted to take the channels beyond the metros to other cities.’
    • ‘Under the deal, Cisco would develop the network in six metros and two cities namely Pune and Ahmedabad in phases, while the services would be offered under Tata Indicom Broadband Services.’
    • ‘Commandos armed with submachineguns guarded shopping malls and the metro as the city police vowed to track down those behind Saturday's attacks.’
    • ‘In the meantime, staff in the Hong Kong office are designing mechanical and electrical systems for the Delhi metro in India.’
    • ‘Hong Kong is famous as a crowded city, but the metro was built with large scale.’
    • ‘Getting around Warsaw is relatively easy and the municipal transport system includes trams, buses and an underground metro.’
    • ‘The metro, skyscrapers, suburbs, highway system and underground city were all fuelled by what today seems an almost unrecognizable urban vision.’
    • ‘The metro of this city is crawling with thieves, as are the crowded tourist areas above ground.’
    • ‘It was close to the metro and city centre, making all the must-sees easily accessible.’
    • ‘With light rail and metro becoming the city's major public transportation, people majoring in this field have also become hot.’
    • ‘By contrast, alternate technologies like people movers, mini metros and monorails require the entire route to be separated either by elevating it, putting it underground or fencing it off.’
    • ‘And a number of politicians have called on the transport minister not to appoint the RPA to oversee the city's proposed metro, on the back of its Luas performance.’
    • ‘As a far cheaper alternative to a €2.4 billion airport metro to the city centre, the Dart spur has already provoked considerable political debate.’
    • ‘Numerous less grand railway stations on both main lines and metros, from the West Coast of North America to old cities of Europe like Paris, Berlin and London have helped invigorate urban districts.’
    • ‘The major projects designated for the common good and in line with the principles of social justice will include motorways, metros, underground tunnels and major social housing projects.’
    • ‘But some things on the Paris metro will never change.’
    • ‘The reason why they favoured an underground metro was the natural beauty of Bangalore with its many avenue trees that impressed the Japanese visitors.’
    1. 1.1An underground train, especially in Paris.
      ‘From metros, buses and trains to rental cars all are at your service.’
      • ‘Planes, trains and metros were canceled, and postal workers and teachers stayed home in a nationwide day of defiance Thursday against government economic policies - notably plans to let the French work longer hours.’
      • ‘Nearly all passengers in St Petersburg go by public transport: metros, buses, trains, and trolley-buses.’
      • ‘At the last minute, Keith decided not to get the train and instead got a later metro.’
      • ‘Directly across from Charlevoix metro is a restaurant that not only features great food with French, Italian and other influences, but is also a BYOW.’
      • ‘New York City metros and Philadelphia, you're already in major delays and it won't get any better.’
      • ‘I used to live in the Crystal Square apartments, right on top of the Crystal City metro, no walking outdoors in bad weather required.’
      • ‘The agent said that the nearest metro link was within a minute's walk of the development and that it takes ten minutes to travel to the city centre by metro.’
  • 2North American, Indian, South African A major city or metropolitan region.

    ‘auditions were held in all major metros of the country’
    • ‘There's no denying the changing face of Southern metros.’
    • ‘Of the top 10 fastest-growing metros, all are located in the West or the South.’
    • ‘Coal's demise translated into job losses in industries and metros across the state.’
    • ‘Do you have any information regarding America's fastest-growing metros?’
    • ‘About eight years ago I left the major metro because I was offered a managing editor position at a small newspaper.’
    • ‘Small cities can take some cues from larger metros where downtown grocery stores have emerged in recent years.’
    • ‘We provide all the luxuries of a larger metro but without the cost.’
    • ‘Gourmet stores in metros are beginning to sell potted herb plants.’
    • ‘In almost all the nation's largest metros, it costs more to live within a 15-minute commute to downtown.’
    • ‘A majority of their business is around metros and large urban centres.’


North American attributive
  • Metropolitan.

    ‘the Detroit metro area’
    • ‘The recommendations were based on analyses of commercial strips along three corridors in the Washington, D.C., metro area.’
    • ‘Rankings of 63 metro areas reporting populations 250,000 to 500,000 in the 2000 Census’
    • ‘Only the Multnomah Co. and Lane Co. metro areas voted Blue.’
    • ‘Just as there are metro areas that don't appear to have much wealth, there are non-metro areas that have loads of it, including seasonal escapes for the wealthy.’
    • ‘This has triggered more competition in metro areas, the place where competitive service providers have aggressively challenged incumbents.’
    • ‘Such was the case that by 1992, the University of Alabama at Birmingham was responsible for one of every seven jobs in Birmingham's metro area.’
    • ‘The service is currently available in 18 metro areas.’
    • ‘And I could quickly generate a list of 50 + smaller and rural metro areas that are also pursuing Wi-Fi networks.’
    • ‘By then, metro area payrolls should reach almost 579,000.’
    • ‘The steep climb moved Tampa Bay from the 99th most expensive metro area in the nation to 64th, the second biggest leap nationally.’
    • ‘The households with the highest spending levels are those comprised of buyers aged 25 to 44 years living in metro areas of the country.’
    • ‘The extent to which black households in the ‘middle and above’ income categories cluster into metro areas varies widely.’
    • ‘Those 11 metro areas have hosted at least one Super Bowl.’
    • ‘Classes will be taught in the Philadelphia, Pa. metro area.’
    • ‘Nighthawks have been on a steady decline in the last few decades and part of me wondered if peregrines being reintroduced into metro areas was a contributing factor?’
    • ‘The Boston and Washington, D.C., metro areas have two counties and four counties, respectively, in the top 19.’
    • ‘Water constraints were becoming clear in several areas of the state: in coastal areas, in metro Atlanta, and in the Flint River basin.’
    • ‘Century Foundation research has found that economic segregation in the nation's largest 100 metro areas is increasing.’
    • ‘There are two Pagan landowners in this metro area who host regional festivals and rent their properties to individuals and groups for special rituals.’
    • ‘Now, though, builders are seeing growth opportunities outside of Sun Belt states, in metro areas like Cleveland and Chicago.’


Early 20th century from French métro, abbreviation of métropolitain (from Chemin de Fer Métropolitain ‘Metropolitan Railway’).