Meaning of metrology in English:


Pronunciation /mɪˈtrɒlədʒi/


mass noun
  • The scientific study of measurement.

    ‘The Swedish physicist prized Michelson's use of his interferometer in metrology and, in particular, for determining experimentally the length of the international metre.’
    • ‘As a result of the extremely small line width of less than 5 MHz, possible applications are also in spectroscopy, metrology, sensor technology, and atomic physics.’
    • ‘The company designs, sells and manufactures fibre-optic and laser products for a number of markets, including biotechnology, semi-conductor and scientific metrology.’
    • ‘The experiments represent initial steps in exploring a new system of measurement, atom-based metrology, in which single atoms are used as nanoscale probes to collect information about their environment.’
    • ‘A special symposium on photonics time and frequency metrology focused on the control and use of mode-locked lasers in producing frequency combs.’
    • ‘One example where improved metrology would be highly beneficial is in the commercial production of high-accuracy pressure-measuring instruments.’
    • ‘‘There's demanding needs for optical metrology of nanoscale materials beyond electronics too,’ adds Parr.’
    • ‘The EEI will allow program participants to determine the best approach to EUV wavefront metrology for tool manufacturing.’
    • ‘He soon rose to be superintendent of the division at the NPL that covered metrology in general.’
    • ‘Whilst rarely thought of as technology in itself, metrology will continue to be a developing and defining feature of the next ten years: defining and setting common standards of measurement.’
    • ‘We also divert a low-power sample of the radiation to obtain in-situ metrology.’
    • ‘Spie, of course, is deeply involved in metrology in virtually any branch of optics or photonics you might name.’
    • ‘According to Lee, the AFM is just like those used for metrology except that it actually comes in physical contact with the photomask.’
    • ‘The pressure for standardization also affected metrology.’
    • ‘In the early 1880s, he used a wavelength of light to determine the length of the meter, a major refinement in metrology.’
    • ‘New instantaneous PMI techniques can operate in these production environments with success, but care must be taken regarding systematic errors to assure good metrology.’
    • ‘Standardisation, quality assurance, metrology and testing of products are key to poverty reduction says the Zambia Bureau of Standards.’
    • ‘If PCFs fulfill their potential, they could have important applications in spectroscopy, metrology, biomedicine, imaging, and telecommunications.’
    • ‘Environmental effects can be an issue in more conventional metrology applications as well, notes Robert Stoner, vice president of metrology and optical systems at Zygo Corp.’
    • ‘As LEDs and LED arrays become more prevalent in illumination and communications, precise metrology of these devices will become increasingly important.’


Early 19th century from Greek metron ‘measure’ + -logy.