Meaning of metronomic in English:



See metronome

  • ‘They're generally pretty good, kind of frail, spidery songs with tuff bass lines and metronomic drum-beats.’
  • ‘This is one of the least metronomic recordings I know, and yet the concerto holds its shape because a basic pulse has been maintained, in spite of the accelerandi and rallentandi.’
  • ‘In these a strictly metronomic Brahms is as unthinkable as a fussy or hurried Brahms in passages which must be presented with adamantine rhythm.’
  • ‘The counting must be expressive, however, reflecting the rhythmic character of the music, not merely a metronomic rattling off of the numbers.’
  • ‘Are the rhythms truly accurate, and do they give the music life, or are they only metronomic?’