Meaning of metronomically in English:


Pronunciation /mɛtrəˈnɒmɪk(ə)li/


See metronome

‘‘Zheng’ begins with the looped rhythm of crackle, the needle loudly gouging into the vinyl surface, while a pipa moodily strums and plucked tones count time metronomically.’
  • ‘But put together I'm aching to hear some mistakes, an unwise reggae song, a moment where - momentarily - the rhythm section aren't metronomically of a single mind.’
  • ‘Mind you, Howard would be breaking the mould for Australian prime ministers who are, almost metronomically, into the job in their late 40s or 50s and out before 60.’
  • ‘Dates are annotated on the papers, and the piece might best be considered a Zen meditation on the way cigarettes metronomically mark one's hours.’
  • ‘The dominant feature is the brisk, metronomically precise beat.’