Meaning of metroplex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛtrəʊplɛks/


mainly North American
  • A very large metropolitan area, especially one which is an aggregation of two or more cities.

    ‘the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex’
    • ‘But there's so much life tied to that compact space, so much to observe and absorb in those 200 yards, I often come away feeling as if I've taken a drive in the country rather than idled along a cable fence in the middle of a thriving metroplex.’
    • ‘During the summertime, ozone blights much of the metroplex.’
    • ‘No one was thrilled to see all those chemicals going up into the already questionable air we breathe here in the metroplex.’
    • ‘In the United States the whole of the Central Belt would be instantly seen for what it is - a metroplex - a single urban organism, a single labour market.’
    • ‘This school is in the Los Angeles basin, the epicenter of Southern Californian car culture, the etymological origin of the term ‘smog,’ and a metroplex that arm-wrestles Houston every year for the crown of the most polluted city in the USA.’
    • ‘He usually goes and drives around all over the metroplex, bored, in his pickup truck, looking for a shop to browse, a keeper to wave money at and then probably not buy anything.’
    • ‘Not long, I'll bet, when it becomes apparent that the metroplex has not been brought back into compliance by these measures.’
    • ‘My concern is that neither one brings in sizable audiences often - they have traffic, but nothing like a metroplex.’
    • ‘Cost of living is very reasonable here and we have all of the advantages of being near a metroplex in Dallas.’
    • ‘Then, his creative batteries recharged, he returns to his red convertible, his teaching, and the sunny, sprawling Southern California metroplex he's inhabited for the last four decades.’
    • ‘A new tornado watch has just been issued right here, covering the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, southward down to just west of Houston, includes the Austin-San Antonio area.’
    • ‘Imagine turning down the focus dial in this sprawling metroplex to a five by six patch of dirt in front of a real estate office. All day people go in and out that front door on their way to buy and sell land, homes, and businesses.’
    • ‘Here in Texas, Wal-Mart is receiving 21 tagged products from eight suppliers at Distribution Center 6086 in Sanger and distributing to stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.’
    • ‘Some have called these amorphous implosions ‘Outer Cities’ or ‘Edge Cities’; others dub them technopoles, technoburbs, silicon landscapes, postsuburbia, metroplex.’
    • ‘That confrontation came on November 8, when a man stole a semi truck loaded with lumber in a suburb of Dallas and then led police on a three-hour chase throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.’
    • ‘We look forward to displaying the logo widely throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and to our international outlets.’
    • ‘But money and land have always talked loudly in racing, and in the expansively named Grand Prairie, in the centre of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex where Lone Star Park was built, there is plenty of both.’
    • ‘His territory includes the northern and eastern parts of Texas and the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.’


1950s blend of metropolitan and complex.