Meaning of metropolitan district in English:

metropolitan district


  • (in England) an administrative unit consisting of a town or city and a borough.

    ‘I respectfully suggest that whatever problems Bradford may have, either as a city or as a metropolitan district, there is no place in our town for such barely concealed racism.’
    • ‘This decision limited the extent of transfer of resources from the shire counties to metropolitan districts.’
    • ‘Instead we should be going forward together as a city and a metropolitan district.’
    • ‘The Conservatives abolished the Greater London Council and metropolitan authorities - all Labour-controlled - and devolved their duties to London boroughs and metropolitan districts respectively.’
    • ‘From October 16, the following counties/unitary authorities and metropolitan districts will be grouped together and considered as a single unit.’
    • ‘The city's ranking among the 36 metropolitan districts for expenditure per pupil was bottom in 1999-00 but is now 28th for secondary schools with a sixth-form and 22nd for those without.’
    • ‘This is one of the lowest borrowing figures in the country - the average for metropolitan districts is over £1, 100 per head.’
    • ‘What may be okay for metropolitan districts may not be a good thing for Cumbria.’
    • ‘Bradford will soon become one of the first metropolitan districts in the UK to have all its telephone exchanges linked up for high-speed broadband Internet access.’
    • ‘Bradford comes 14th from the bottom in an ‘easy to use’ footpath league featuring 36 other metropolitan districts.’
    • ‘Mr Dodd said ‘there had not been a great number of shootings’ in West Yorkshire compared with other metropolitan districts.’
    • ‘Leeds, with 2,282, was by far the worst of the five metropolitan districts of West Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Between 300 and 400 workers in the old City Borough area downed tools after a mass meeting this morning and their colleagues throughout the metropolitan district were expected to quickly follow suit.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for them, though, what makes it such an attractive and prestigious place to live also makes people want to visit it - and, hopefully, then go on to visit other places in the metropolitan district.’
    • ‘It has opened a debate on the pecking order within the metropolitan district, but has sadly lifted the sticking plaster on the sore of post-1974 relationships between Keighley and Bradford.’
    • ‘Just like many other fine buildings throughout the metropolitan district, it has been allowed to fall into such a state of disrepair that it is now deemed ‘not economically viable’.’
    • ‘It is a possible site for a mixed group of eight, aged ten to 16 who through no fault of their own are currently in ordinary children's homes throughout the country, outside the metropolitan district.’
    • ‘They see themselves as a rural outpost of the metropolitan district with needs which are not necessarily compatible with those of the largely urban area with which they would be teamed.’
    • ‘I have limited my own shopping to Bradford and the surrounding metropolitan district as a point of principle for a long time now, believing that enough money is spent in Leeds.’
    • ‘A unified effort on behalf of pensioners from all areas of the metropolitan district should be the aim and not just one district.’