Meaning of metropolitan magistrate in English:

metropolitan magistrate


  • (in the UK) a stipendiary magistrate who sits in petty sessional courts in London.

    ‘Fifthly, the metropolitan magistrate sitting as a court of committal must be satisfied, after he has heard representations, that the alleged conduct would constitute a serious offence in the foreign state and in the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘Following arrest, the person should be brought before the metropolitan magistrate for committal proceedings.’
    • ‘Prior to the amendment, paragraph 6 provided that the metropolitan magistrate should have the same jurisdiction and powers ‘as if the prisoner were brought before him charged with an indictable offence’.’
    • ‘The metropolitan magistrate shall receive any evidence which may be tendered to show that the crime of which the prisoner is accused or alleged to have been convicted is an offence of a political character or is not an extradition crime.’
    • ‘Committal proceedings are of course criminal proceedings and these provisions would make little sense if the metropolitan magistrate could not apply the normal rules of criminal evidence and procedure.’
    • ‘The case, according to the committee, should be tried by the court of the rank of a Session Judge or above whereas the extant provision provides for a trial by a metropolitan magistrate or a first class judicial magistrate or above.’
    • ‘He previously served as a barrister, metropolitan magistrate and an Old Bailey judge.’