Meaning of Mexicano in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɛksɪˈkɑːnəʊ/


informal US
  • Mexican.

    • ‘But I have taken - and some other Chicanos - have taken that and turned it around and used it against the patriarchal, oppressive aspects of the Chicano / Mexicano culture.’
    • ‘Now, it's becoming Chicano, Hispano, Mexicano studies.’
    • ‘But the reality of that Dream continues to be relatively distant for the Chicano / Mexicano community.’
    • ‘It's immediately obvious that Titan's sound is not Los Chemical Brothers, nor is it very Mexicano.’
    • ‘It's like the Chicano, Chicanas, Mexicanas, Mexicanos part of the community wants to insure that it survives.’
    • ‘Feeling unrepresented and exploited, both Mexicano and Anglo settlers together issued a ‘declaration of causes,’ putting forth their complaints.’
    • ‘Born on September 26, 1942, Anzaldua was the oldest child of sixth-generation Mexicanos from the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas.’
    • ‘In comparison, those reporting a first or second ancestry for Mexican, Mexican American, Mexicano, Mexican State, Chicano, or Mexican American Indian numbered 47,721.’
    • ‘Among Latinos, we find the League of Latin American Citizens not wanting Mexicano anti-war activists in this year's Cinco de Mayo parade in Houston, Texas.’


informal US
  • A Mexican person.