Meaning of mezzo piano in English:

mezzo piano


  • (especially as a direction) moderately softly.

    ‘this is a soft and gentle song and should be played mezzo piano’
    • ‘In Figure 2, from Robert Schumann's Of Strange Lands and People, I suggest playing the soprano line mezzo piano, the bass piano and the triplets that lie between pianissimo.’
    • ‘He rarely ventured above a mezzo piano dynamic, and high notes, when they were needed, were executed not from the chest but in a heart-melting falsetto.’


  • Moderately soft.

    • ‘the third number was noticeable for the clear-voiced mezzo piano beginning’


mass nounMusic
  • A moderately low volume.

    ‘the chorus sings its final line in a velvety mezzo piano’
    • ‘I suggest mezzo piano for most of Variation 27 followed by a subito forte right at the beginning of Variation 28.’
    • ‘Nothing about Cathy could hide unnoticed, appear in muted pastels, or be restricted to the palette between pianissimo and mezzo piano.’
    • ‘Kempff is most distinctive when he is most intimate; he was a master of the mezzo piano and all the dynamic gradations that surrounded it.’