Meaning of mezzotinter in English:



See mezzotint

‘Such prints, decoratively framed, are known, in a rather derogatory way, as furniture prints, and stipple engravers were openly despised by the elite line engravers - who also despised and envied the mezzotinters.’
  • ‘He studied print-making under the mezzotinter and miniaturist, William Pether and, from 1780, at the Royal Academy Schools.’
  • ‘His father, Phillip Dawe, was a well known mezzotinter who produced many prints after the paintings of Henry Robert Morland.’
  • ‘He went on to become the finest mezzotinter of his time.’
  • ‘Thomas Frye was one of the most successful mezzotinters of his era, as well as a portraitist in oil, pastel and miniature.’