Meaning of Miao in English:


Pronunciation /mɪˈaʊ/

nounplural noun Miao

  • another term for Hmong (noun)

    ‘For this season, autumn/winter 2003, the theme of the designs is the ‘Miao Hinterland’, inspired by the Miao nationality's traditional costumes.’
    • ‘These observations suggest that the Miao people may have more contact with the NEA.’
    • ‘Some Miao even migrated across the Chinese border into Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, Thailand, and Burma (Myanmar).’
    • ‘The Dong have lived in areas surrounded by the Miao, Zhuang, and Yao; these were ruled by the central government of successive Chinese dynasties.’
    • ‘On the islands in the lake there are some minorities' villages, such as the Miao's ‘diaojiao lou’ (suspended houses) and the Bouyei's stone houses.’
    • ‘More than 200 pieces of Guizhou wax printing are being brought to the fair by the Guizhou Wu Jiagui Folk Arts Research Institute, helping visitors catch a glimpse of the unique Miao culture and customs.’
    • ‘It took about two centuries to pacify the province, and indeed not until after 1854 did the Miao fully acquiesce in their fate.’
    • ‘Mung-k'u, a Miao tribesman, age 35, is stalking fish with a spear.’
    • ‘This is a Miao tradition, the Shao'ai - a cultural fossil going back to the Stone Age - and the music is about an ancient and mysterious fir culture.’
    • ‘This myth was begun by the Miao, but it spread widely.’
    • ‘The first is the market along the Tuojiang River, where people of the Miao minority shoulder baskets of red peppers, fresh peaches and yellow tobacco.’
    • ‘As animists the Miao believe in good and evil spirits to the extent that no house is built directly in front of another - that would block the homeward path of ancestral spirits.’
    • ‘The White Lotus society had spread its influence among the aborigines of central and south-west China, and in the 1830s the Miao rebelled.’
    • ‘For anthropologists, Yibin is home to Sichuan's largest community of the Miao people.’
    • ‘In China, one of the official ‘nationalities’ is Miao, a group that includes Hmong, ancient predecessors of the Hmong, and non-related peoples.’
    • ‘In the following years, the written languages of Bai, Bouyei, Dong, Hani, Naxi, Lisu, Lahu, Va, Zaiwa, Miao, and Xibei were also readopted.’
    • ‘Tan Dun first heard stone-drumming (knocking stones together), leaf-blowing and other Miao music skills in the village of Xiangxi in China's Hunan province.’
    • ‘We enjoyed different minorities such as Miao, Hui and Hani.’


  • another term for Hmong (adjective)


From Chinese Miáo, literally ‘tribes’.