Meaning of miasmal in English:




See miasma

‘As the weather deteriorated from brilliant sunshine at the start of play to miasmal gloom in the second half, so the away side's fortunes began to rally.’
  • ‘In a 1940 newspaper column prior to the publication of the book, O Nuallain lamented ‘the cult of prudishness and prurience which hangs over Irish literature to-day like an eroding miasmal pall.’’
  • ‘Instead, according to critics, it has become a miasmal swamp of convoluted regulations that disrupt physician autonomy and patient well-being.’
  • ‘But that idea sort of crystallized a lot of thoughts I'd had about this area where I live - how miasmal weirdness seems to come out of it.’
  • ‘Its easy but assured lyric form, its count, saves it from the miasmal mists of content.’



/mɪˈazml/ /mʌɪˈazml/