Meaning of mic in English:


Pronunciation /mʌɪk/


  • A microphone.

    • ‘For the 8-tracks, Botnick had two mics out in the hall, two vocal mics, two guitar mics, a bass mic and a drum track.’
    • ‘Lavelier mics are small microphones usually no bigger than the tip of your little finger.’
    • ‘A roadie ran on with another mic so then I was holding two mics taped together and I wasn't really sure which one to sing into.’
    • ‘Dynamic mics use simpler, cheaper circuitry than condenser mics, which need a power supply and are more delicate, but provide a more subtle sound.’
    • ‘Our tangle of wires and insulating tape enabled us to connect our mics and minidisc recorders to the satellite equipment and broadcast.’
    • ‘The stereo mic bar lets you mount both mics on one stand.’
    • ‘We spent about $300 on rentals and put two mics into a DAT machine.’
    • ‘They'll have host mics and a guest mic submix where there are 15 guest mics, but only three are used in a certain segment.’
    • ‘You had to understand the acoustics of it, where to put certain instruments, what mics to use on them and how to place a microphone.’
    • ‘An emcee is a microphone controller, so I held the mic and I controlled it.’
    • ‘We go to Sona and they let the men grab the mic, they never let us girls grab the mic.’
    • ‘They sat in a windowless room and a censor turned on their speakers and mics when he or she wanted them to listen or talk.’
    • ‘The songs came fast and mostly furious, delivered with a tangible urgency, as if they're worried that their mics and amps would be shut off at any moment.’
    • ‘Speaking of electric guitar amps, what mics do you rely on for them?’
    • ‘We'd moved some chairs into the corner so we could fit the drum set, our guitars, amps, and mics.’
    • ‘We went to the back of Jem's trunk and helped unload the amps and guitars and mics and other supplies.’
    • ‘The speaker stood up from the front row and his radio mic jumped out of his pocket as he climbed the steps to the podium.’
    • ‘I used the preamp by itself with a variety of mics and it was remarkable.’
    • ‘So for the next hour, we moved everyone 20 yards over and then reset the mics and the levels.’
    • ‘At some point in their careers, most broadcasters have made an unguarded comment when the fader was open and the mic was live.’


1960s abbreviation; compare with mike.