Meaning of micellar in English:




See micelle

‘In fact, the affinity of anions toward cationic micellar aggregates, that is the degree of counterion binding, has been found to follow the Hofmeister series.’
  • ‘When the average diameter is less than 100 the system is called a micellar emulsion.’
  • ‘As the concentration of the detergent decreases from these lipid-detergent and lipid-protein-detergent micellar solutions, lipid bilayers are progressively formed in which the transmembrane proteins are incorporated.’
  • ‘Unlike preparations of these hydrophobic chromophores prepared in micellar form (data not shown), measured spectra were sufficiently stable over several hours to allow difference spectra to be determined.’
  • ‘In other words, the spherical micelles would allow more water penetration into the micellar interior and this, in principle, could lead to a reduction in tryptophan lifetime.’