Meaning of Michaelmas in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪk(ə)lməs/

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  • The feast of St Michael, 29 September.

    ‘In Michaelmas and Hilary terms of last year, the national and international press covered the Union Presidential election.’
    • ‘At Michaelmas he must pay ten pence tax, and at Martinmas twenty-three sesters of barley and two hens; at Easter one young sheep or twopence.’
    • ‘St Michael next means the next feast of St Michael or Michaelmas, which is the 29th September.’
    • ‘Festivals were prime occasions to look for a partner: Christmas, Michaelmas, Midsummer Night, Easter, harvest festivities, and, most certainly, weddings.’
    • ‘A fine occasion for joining was Michaelmas, or another rural feast such as Easter or Walpurgis night.’
    • ‘Really I can't complain about our performances this term - where we lost it was in Michaelmas when a new team took a while to gel and we were beset by injuries and unavailability’.’
    • ‘Guy, a second-year historian at Merton, began drawing the Cherwell cartoon last Michaelmas and gained national recognition when his winning piece was shown in the Guardian on 25 September.’
    • ‘The controversial strategies are designed to rescue the institution from ‘chronic under-funding’, and could form University policy as early as Michaelmas this year.’
    • ‘At the time, the harvest was being completed and the final settling of annual accounts had just occurred on October 1, the commencement of Michaelmas, in effect the end of the financial year.’
    • ‘The Church celebrates St Michael and all angels at Michaelmas and nobody knows why but, because this falls on September 29, I suggest it was the day on which Michael proclaimed the birth of Jesus.’
    • ‘The experiment was decided on at the end of Michaelmas, where the JCR voted to temporarily limit smoking to just the pool and darts room from Sunday of Noughth Week.’
    • ‘The ban, prompted by the fire at neighbouring Mansfield College earlier in January, would take effect from the start of Michaelmas this year.’
    • ‘I'm pretty sure this was a book that I saw in bits and pieces over the floor during Michaelmas, when he took me for tutes about Merovingian Gaul.’
    • ‘I maintain that I didn't learn how to write an essay, or rather how I should write an essay, until Michaelmas of this year.’
    • ‘Since it is Michaelmas, it is job application time for many people.’
    • ‘Students at Jesus were shocked to return to heavily inflated bar prices at the beginning of Michaelmas.’
    • ‘It is expected that he will return to St Catherine's to restart his degree in Michaelmas of next year.’
    • ‘I think most of us can agree that Trinity is considerably shorter than Michaelmas.’
    • ‘The College is now considering widening the door so that bops can resume in Michaelmas.’


Old English Sanct Michaeles mæsse ‘Saint Michael's Mass’, referring to the Archangel.