Meaning of micrite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪkrʌɪt/


mass noun
  • 1Geology
    Microcrystalline calcite present in some types of limestone.

    ‘Petrographic study reveals clusters of small grapestone particles, including benthic foraminifera, spines and calcite crystals encrusted by micrite.’
    • ‘The formation of botryoidal aragonite and clotted micrite was followed by silicification of carbonate phases and precipitation of authigenic quartz.’
    • ‘The irregular topography of this bedding surface is covered by a thin veneer of micrite with limonite disseminated throughout.’
    • ‘They can be separated into three distinct groups of authigenic carbonates, including a first stage with botryoidal aragonite, a second stage of clotted micrite, and a third stage of blocky spar.’
    • ‘This suggests that the micrite grew within pre-existing fine sediment or that clay and carbonate were mixed by intense biological activity.’
    1. 1.1Limestone consisting chiefly of micrite.
      ‘These fades grade upwards into ammonite-rich, bioturbated, interbedded nodular micrite, oncolitic limestone and mudstone which are interpreted as condensed zone deposits.’
      • ‘The Middle Member is 57.3 m thick and is mainly composed of gravel-bearing calcarenite, bioclastic limestone, bioclastic micrite, and reef limestone.’
      • ‘This interpretation appears supported by the predominant occurrence of Platystrophia in soft-weathering micrite and calcareous mudstone.’
      • ‘The cortex is made of micrite and is vaguely distinctive from the nucleus by a finely concentric lamination.’
      • ‘The body cavity and accessory cavity are filled with a moderate gray micrite.’


1950s from micr(ocrystalline)+ -ite.