Meaning of micro party in English:

micro party

nounplural noun micro parties

  • A small political party, typically one focusing on a single issue.

    ‘the government will need the support of senators representing micro parties’
    • ‘In a sense, the minor and micro parties can often play an important role in keeping the major parties from becoming too bland, boring, and cautious.’
    • ‘Around 30 of the micro parties kept their preferences within the group.’
    • ‘To a large extent, the exaggerated demands of micro parties are to blame.’
    • ‘The proliferation of micro parties, and the inability of the Electoral Act to ensure these are genuine political parties, have started to deliver perverse results.’
    • ‘Does he get his micro party to nominate him again, or does he pass the gauntlet to an unknown?’
    • ‘Some 81 groups vied for votes, including a series of micro parties who thought they would try their hand at winning a parliamentary salary.’
    • ‘When Jones looked to be emulating his 1999 success by setting up new micro parties to contest the 2003 election, they blew the whistle on him.’
    • ‘She aims to take the reins of the micro party set up by her father.’
    • ‘The group found it impossible to become more than a micro party.’
    • ‘The change would eliminate the chance of a micro party's sneaking in by harvesting the preferences from a large number of other parties.’