Meaning of microbusiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmʌɪkrə(ʊ)ˈbɪznɪs/

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  • A business that operates on a very small scale.

    ‘more than half the new enterprises are sole proprietorships or microbusinesses with no more than two employees’
    • ‘The cost of creating a microbusiness on the average is just 1800 Euros, which is only one tenth of the cost of providing benefits to the unemployed.’
    • ‘He runs a microbusiness in Columbus, Ohio.’
    • ‘If, despite a low or nonexistent overhead, decent profits still manage to elude a microbusiness, that's not necessarily a showstopper.’
    • ‘Among the 53 percent who moved out of poverty, many derived their income not from a microbusiness alone, but from a combination of self-employment and wages.’
    • ‘There's one other marketing edge a microbusiness can exploit, and from the point of view of conventional small businesses it might be considered an especially insidious one.’
    • ‘This was no microbusiness.’
    • ‘You see women with cell phones in the villages of India, running microbusinesses.’
    • ‘Relatively few owners of conventional businesses perceive their existence to be imperiled by online microbusinesses.’
    • ‘Those microbusinesses are individuals without a substantial—or in many cases, any—business history or infrastructure behind them.’
    • ‘The merits of blogging as a marketing tool for our microbusinesses are no mystery.’
    • ‘The entire world of online auctions and related microbusinesses is still rather small, accounting for perhaps 1% of annual U.S. retail sales.’
    • ‘For self-employed entrepreneurs and microbusinesses, the tax code's complexity can be daunting.’
    • ‘There are hundreds of microbusinesses in Camden right now.’
    • ‘It seems to hit the smallest businesses the solo business owners and microbusinesses—with under 5 employees—the hardest.’
    • ‘There are 13 million microbusinesses today, most of them based at home.’
    • ‘Microbusinesses are using such marketing ploys in virtual communities Internet wide.’
    • ‘Microbusinesses could even spring up in the rapidly growing business-to-business auction market.’
    • ‘The program establishes business centres across the country, which are registered as NGOs, and provide useful training to small and microbusinesses, and also helps facilitate access to credit.’
    • ‘There were more then one million microbusinesses that needed money to expand and couldn't get it.’
    • ‘Along with bolstering savings, workers are looking to microbusinesses as a hedge against the risk of layoffs or pay cuts.’