Meaning of microcephalous in English:




See microcephaly

‘Being microcephalous [having an abnormally tiny head] is a misfortune, and nothing to boast of.’
  • ‘There is a happy compromise, a synthesis: just agree that he's microcephalous but with a higher brain-fat ratio than your average pinhead.’
  • ‘Because Smith's head is small for his shoulders you call him microcephalous; if it had been large, you'd have called it water-on-the-brain.’
  • ‘But really I was quite serious for I have always believed that the mottled tangle of our elusive lives demands such essential change; that Communism shall indeed create a beautifully square world of identical brawny fellows, broad-shouldered and microcephalous; and that a hostile attitude toward it is both childish and preconceived…’



/ˌmʌɪkrəʊˈsɛf(ə)ləs/ /ˌmʌɪkrəʊˈkɛf(ə)ləs/