Meaning of microcirculation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmʌɪkrə(ʊ)səːkjʊˈleɪʃn/


mass noun
  • Circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels.

    ‘Injection of Salvia miltiorrhizae could dilate the blood vessels and improve microcirculation.’
    • ‘Salvia not only restores normal microcirculation, but normalizes blood viscosity from other factors, as well.’
    • ‘Measurement of the retinal arterioles offers a non-invasive means to evaluate systemic associations of the human microcirculation in vivo.’
    • ‘Neutrophils are known to be held up in the pulmonary microcirculation under normal circumstances since, because of their size, they have to deform to negotiate the smaller pulmonary capillary segments.’
    • ‘Several botanical extracts have been shown to improve microcirculation, capillary flow, and vascular tone, and to strengthen the connective tissue of the perivascular amorphous substrate.’
    • ‘We recently used a computational network model of the pulmonary microcirculation to estimate pressure drops in the lung.’
    • ‘It also considers blood flow, arterial disease, and microcirculation.’
    • ‘The ingredient, he says, also improves microcirculation of tiny skin capillaries, supporting better oxygen and nutrient supply and better hydration, which work together to give skin a healthy look and vibrant glow.’
    • ‘Furthermore, it may be a contributing factor in understanding the thrombosis process in the collagen-rich microcirculation and venous structures, and it may explain why some vessels thrombose and others do not.’
    • ‘If alveolar clearance is faster than the rate of removing interstitial liquid by lung microcirculation, hydration of the interstitium increases and a back flux may occur that redirects more and more liquid to alveoli over time.’
    • ‘The authors speculate that HVPC reverses wound area expansion and increases microcirculation by release of nitric oxide in the microenvironment.’
    • ‘Although this study is unable to clarify the mechanisms further, alterations at the level of microcirculation within individual organs are likely to play a role under these conditions.’
    • ‘As electric stimulation continued for weeks or months, microcirculation improved, which may have resulted in improved outcomes.’
    • ‘Aside from making you look like a cut-price superhero, the eye mask massages your temples, stimulating nerves to ‘improve microcirculation and reduce stress’.’
    • ‘A weakening of the connection between the epidermis and dermis also reduces shearing and blistering thresholds, decreases communication between the dermis and epidermis, and reduces microcirculation to the epidermis.’
    • ‘Remodeling of systemic airway microcirculation, as studied in tracheal whole-mount preparations, revealed an allergen-induced increase in both the diameter and length of the airway microvessels.’
    • ‘The gel is applied topically to mobilize the fatty acids (stored body fat) and improve microcirculation and drainage in the applied area.’
    • ‘It may also improve microcirculation and reduce platelet aggregation.’
    • ‘This leads to edema and altered microcirculation in the skin, which results in impaired healing.’
    • ‘Consequently, in each roundtrip from the lungs to the tissues the vast majority of cells escape the narrow vessels of the microcirculation before any significant polymerization has begun.’