Meaning of microcirculatory in English:



See microcirculation

‘At the junction of the flowing blood and extracellular space, the endothelium is a dynamic organ that modulates local hemostasis, cell trafficking, and microcirculatory blood flow.’
  • ‘However, Ellis and colleagues demonstrated maldistribution of microcirculatory blood flow in the skeletal muscle of septic rats.’
  • ‘Jull and colleagues studied the effectiveness of a common adjuvant therapy, pentoxifylline, which is thought to correct microcirculatory disorders by lowering blood viscosity.’
  • ‘Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome appears to result from a cascade of organism-related factors, inflammatory mediators, endothelial injury, disturbed hemostasis, and microcirculatory abnormalities.’
  • ‘The primary goal in patients with septic shock is rapid restoration of hemodynamic stability and microcirculatory tissue oxygen delivery.’