Meaning of microclimatically in English:


Pronunciation /mʌɪkrə(ʊ)klʌɪˈmatɪkli/


See microclimate

‘Since the mid-1980s, he is interested in research on microclimatically extreme habitats of scree slopes.’
  • ‘To overcome this, an artisan meadow grower cultivated for us-off-site-four different microclimatically tuned meadows as sods: emergent edge, wet and sunny, dry and shaded, and dry and full sun.’
  • ‘Outside Scandinavia it is mainly an epiphytic species both in England and Central Europe where it grows in microclimatically humid forests, e.g. near waterfalls.’
  • ‘Landscaping has attained a special meaning as we want our areas to be pollution free, healthy, and microclimatically comfortable.’
  • ‘The microdistribution of butterflies may be affected by food distribution, microclimatically favourable spots, or mate-locating sites.’