Meaning of microcredit in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪkrəʊˌkrɛdɪt/

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mass noun
  • The lending of small amounts of money at low interest to new businesses in the developing world.

    ‘Begum introduced microcredit to the village a decade ago and 40 women solicited as loan borrowers jointly built a facility where they hold weekly gatherings for the payment of a loan installment.’
    • ‘I would say, yes, in some cases we do, such as microcredit.’
    • ‘India's deficiencies have been particularly connected with, on one side, neglect of social opportunities in the form of basic education, basic health care, land reform, development of microcredit, and so on.’
    • ‘We cherished microcredit as a powerful developmental tool that enriches communities by creating entrepreneurs out of the poor.’
    • ‘This may be achieved through commercial market integration, through public and private partnerships that use effective social marketing campaigns, or possibly through programs that include microcredit.’
    • ‘This paper examines the phenomenon of microcredit by focusing on an interesting and unexpected outcome of village banks in a particular zone in rural Senegal: the emergence of a new class of female moneylenders.’
    • ‘To take a second issue, the ability of people to participate in the market economy is enormously influenced by social arrangements for education, health care, microcredit, land reform, and other public policies.’
    • ‘The site also offers advice on finding investment professionals and getting involved in microcredit.’
    • ‘It is promoting microcredit as a way to empower women.’
    • ‘Together, microcredit and IT have the common capacity to empower poor people, particularly poor women.’
    • ‘My role is to talk as best as I can about microcredit.’
    • ‘The Special Envoy for Afghan Women should coordinate foreign assistance in the area of microcredit for women, jobs-creation, and food-for-work opportunities specifically designed for women.’
    • ‘It considered strategies of reinvestment that would benefit labor and the community, including entrepreneurial training with microcredit in stages.’
    • ‘African women questioned whether microcredit was a boon or bane.’
    • ‘That is why the United Nations has designated 2005 as the international year of microcredit.’
    • ‘This is surely the rationale of the UN campaign to increase the public's awareness of microcredit.’
    • ‘I agree with Saint that microcredit is an aid approach worth supporting.’
    • ‘It is ironic that the ideas of microcredit originated in the third world.’
    • ‘Think of the ‘cell phone’ ladies in Bangladesh who have become their own ‘utility’ by purchasing a cell phone with microcredit, then selling calls in their villages which have no land lines.’
    • ‘If you ask international donor agencies, the secret is more microcredit, like the pioneering Grameen Bank projects that have captured worldwide attention in recent years.’