Meaning of microevolutionary in English:




See microevolution

‘First, genes expressed predominantly in males and the male germ line, and thus often subject to accelerated microevolutionary divergence, may be most likely to be deregulated in hybrids.’
  • ‘Thus, adaptation-oriented studies of characters have expanded from microevolutionary studies of function and fitness to include macroevolutionary studies of phylogenetic patterns.’
  • ‘To apply phylogenetic reasoning to questions about species status requires broadening of simple principles when microevolutionary processes may result in true differences among gene phylogenies.’
  • ‘Neo-darwinian theory posits that the genetic basis for speciation is not qualitatively different from that underlying microevolutionary change within populations.’
  • ‘Similarly, microevolutionary explanations may not provide a sufficient account of macroevolution, even if such reductionism were justifiable in principle.’