Meaning of microfibre in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪkrəʊfʌɪbə/


  • A very fine synthetic yarn.

    ‘a tightly woven microfibre used as a lining fabric’
    • ‘lilac microfibre sweaters’
    • ‘Knits are available in 100 percent cotton, blends and synthetics, including microfibers and performance fibers.’
    • ‘In the case of very tightly woven microfibers, you may wish to tip the pattern slightly off-grain in order to prevent puckered seams.’
    • ‘In addition, the fiber is as warm as traditional performance fabrics, but it weighs half as much because the microfibers are so fine.’
    • ‘I embarked on a search for a new winter jacket, as mine was made of synthetic microfibers not on the market in 1954.’
    • ‘This microfibre fabric is made of nylon and polyurethane and has the suppleness, softness and appearance of suede.’
    • ‘Clean the back of the screen (with a microfibre cloth or lens tissue) and clip it back into place.’
    • ‘Products made from microfibers like nylon and polyester are created with fibers that are also strong and extremely thin.’
    • ‘Yes, use the microfiber cloth without solution.’
    • ‘After washing windows, perhaps a once over with a microfiber cloth, would give you the ultimate streak-free job you desire.’
    • ‘And no, it does not come off easily or completely, even if you received the little microfiber cloth.’
    • ‘Even then, it's a good idea to vacuum after every workday and dust with a microfiber cloth.’
    • ‘For lightweight fabrics, such as microfibers, I also recommend fusing interfacing around the bottom hemline of the coat as well.’
    • ‘I paid for a new tape to allow for the difference in the microfiber fabric.’
    • ‘Additionally, the positively charged microfibers attract and tightly retain negatively charged dust and dirt particles and can penetrate the microscopic pores of most flooring materials, unlike loop mop systems.’
    • ‘One source cited in the column found the positively charged microfibers attracted and tightly held negatively charged dust and dirt particles.’
    • ‘Using specially treated microfiber and cotton yarns knitted with performance technology, this fabric creates dry comfort in all warm weather conditions.’
    • ‘The fibers were combined with stretch yams, microfibers and cotton, as well as contrasting fibers, such as paper and silk.’
    • ‘For active people, high-performance polyester microfibers quickly wick moisture away from the body.’
    • ‘While microfiber and nylon wallets are always available and good options for weekends, vacations and sportier outings, nothing beats the look and feel of a leather wallet.’
    • ‘The microfiber windshirts are nylon lined with on-seam zippered side pockets, locker patch and loop.’