Meaning of microfibril in English:



  • A small fibril in the cytoplasm or wall of a cell, visible only under an electron microscope, and typically aggregated into coarser fibrils or structures.

    ‘In plant primary cell walls, cellulose microfibrils are coated with and cross-linked together with hemicellulose and the spaces in these networks are filled with pectins, which also form a network.’
    • ‘It was reported for pea that GA changes the orientation of microtubules and cellulose microfibrils, making the cells swell more in length.’
    • ‘According to current models of primary cell walls, cellulose microfibrils, which are the major tensile elements of the wall, interact with matrix components such as hemicelluloses, forming a complex network.’
    • ‘Fibres distal to the vascular elements as well as the parenchyma cells in the ground tissue had weakly birefringent cell walls, which may be attributed to a transverse orientation of cellulose microfibrils in the primary cell wall.’
    • ‘Cellulose microfibrils within the guard cell wall are considered radial if they are oriented in the same way as the dotted lines (converging at the centre of the pore).’



/ˌmʌɪkrə(ʊ)ˈfʌɪbrɪl/ /ˌmʌɪkrə(ʊ)ˈfɪbrɪl/