Meaning of microfiche in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪkrə(ʊ)fiːʃ/

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  • A flat piece of film containing microphotographs of the pages of a newspaper, catalogue, or other document.

    ‘the journal is available as a microfiche’
    • ‘they are putting back issues on microfiche’
    • ‘On microfiche, the documents were published by Primary Source Microfilm as Declassified Documents Reference System.’
    • ‘While Manda went to check out old newspapers in the microfiches, Michael surfed through a local news website from one of the terminals in the computer room.’
    • ‘The 101 is also available on microfiche at the Family History Library.’
    • ‘Sixteen sets of notes were unavailable to the trust's audit team, and a further 104 were available only on microfiche.’
    • ‘‘On microfiche,’ Tom answered, putting his glasses away.’
    • ‘But if it really is, why not sign the release forms and allow reporters to get direct access to the archived files on microfiche?’
    • ‘Most libraries keep these on microfiche and simply scan the ones dealing with your focus time and area.’
    • ‘As I trolled back and forth in the microfiche looking for the relevant piece, I was struck by the other things the chattering classes brayed five years ago.’
    • ‘The newspapers contain the DNA of the era, and the microfiche is the amber that holds them.’
    • ‘Ensure that you have a current photo and that all awards shown in your photo are reflected in your microfiche.’
    • ‘Beyond, I think, any journalist I have known, McKinnon seems to be happiest in archives and libraries, peering into microfiches and at computer screens.’
    • ‘It costs about $1.40 to produce a microfiche, so just multiply that by 2,000.’
    • ‘The sixth essay, titled ‘Portrait of a Londoner,’ was eventually found on the microfiche in the University of Sussex library.’
    • ‘Soldiers should review their microfiche (done online now) to ensure their personnel files are complete and accurate.’
    • ‘Since it costs about $1.40 to produce a microfiche, this was a saving of $2,800.’
    • ‘The green square on the right represents the entire microfiche, and the larger image shown on the left is one page scanned from it.’
    • ‘Fine. But go back to the microfiche at the library, wherever you live, and look at everything else on the page.’
    • ‘You had to scan the microfiche or even thumb through dusty tomes at the local library or tax assessor's office.’
    • ‘He was the most skilled caricaturist the paper ever had; his work just jumps off the old microfiche.’
    • ‘Like in 1995, if you met someone at a party who said they were a writer, you'd have to go down to the library and look up their books on the microfiche.’


[with object]
  • Reproduce (a document) on microfilm.

    • ‘what would once have been in print will soon be microfiched’