Meaning of microinject in English:


Pronunciation /mʌɪkrəʊɪnˈdʒɛkt/


[with object]Biology
  • Inject (a substance) into a microscopic object.

    ‘the recombinant gene was microinjected into fertilized mouse eggs’
    • ‘A Tol2 clone marked with the bacterial tetracycline-resistance gene was microinjected into fertilized eggs together with a target plasmid, and the plasmid was recovered from embryos.’
    • ‘‘Assisted fertilization involves microinjecting spermatozoa directly into eggs,’ says Masahito Ikawa, a postdoctoral fellow in Verma's lab and the first author on the study.’
    • ‘Each oocyte was microinjected with 40 nl of cRNA solution.’
    • ‘In some experiments, oocytes were microinjected with salt solution immediately before recordings.’
    • ‘Speckled images of such polymer structures are obtained by microinjecting low amounts of labeled monomers into cells.’