Meaning of microlight in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪkrə(ʊ)lʌɪt/

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mainly British
  • A very small, light, one- or two-seater aircraft.

    as modifier ‘a microlight manufacturer’
    • ‘He had illustrations of hot-air balloons, gliders, microlights, helicopters, of the aircraft that many of us remember from the Second World War and of the modern craft developed since those days.’
    • ‘A team from Newcastle University is using satellites, a microlight aircraft and advanced computer technology to assess the speed of erosion at Filey Bay where the coastline is estimated to be disappearing at a rate of nearly a foot a year.’
    • ‘The Red Arrows aerobatic team had to take emergency action to avoid a tragedy when a microlight aircraft strayed into its airspace at Elvington Airshow, the RAF revealed today.’
    • ‘The test flight was carried out in a microlight aircraft.’
    • ‘The pilot of a microlight aircraft that crashed in the Pyrenees killing him and his girlfriend had had a series of accidents before the fatal crash, it emerged yesterday.’
    • ‘An amateur flyer had an amazing escape when his microlight aircraft hit a power cable and plunged into a field.’
    • ‘The attempt will take about three and a half months, covering 25 different countries and will closely follow the route taken by a microlight aircraft that circumnavigated the globe in 1998.’
    • ‘The document warns that a number of inmates have the right money and contacts to make an attempt and also says that a microlight aircraft could be used.’
    • ‘A pilot died after falling 50 ft to the ground from his microlight aircraft which then crashed into a field.’
    • ‘Saved from his crazy nocturnal adventure, he sets about building a microlight aircraft shaped like a dragonfly.’
    • ‘Helicopters are not like cars; they are not like aeroplanes, microlights or parachutes, they are like bubbles.’
    • ‘Aviation accidents are taken extremely seriously, whether they are a light aircraft or microlight.’
    • ‘Gliders and microlights have replaced wartime bombers at Rufforth Airfield, and they fly over a York very different to that which once echoed to the drone of the Halifax engines.’
    • ‘Only, that time he flew in a microlight; a twin-seater aircraft so small that, by his own account, it ‘felt less like being in an aircraft than wearing one’.’
    • ‘Living close to the East Fortune Airfield, you hardly ever get through a day without seeing some kind of flying device in the sky, be it a microlight, heli-copter or, best of all, a jet.’
    • ‘The Red Arrows' display had already been halted by an aircraft, a microlight and a glider, but it was the aircraft flown by Bingham which caused the Red Arrows to abandon the display completely.’
    • ‘Technically, a microlight is a lightweight aeroplane capable of carrying up to two people.’
    • ‘However, the team called off the performance at the last minute when it became clear that a microlight, and possibly other aircraft, had entered the eight-mile exclusion zone around the airfield.’
    • ‘They are currently using microlight aircraft to teach the zoo-bred birds how to migrate south and escape the mountains in winter.’
    • ‘Mr Hughes entered this last class with his modified microlight, which had to have a wing span not exceeding 30 feet.’